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I don't usually make blends, but they are on my request sheet, so I thought 'Why not?'. This is a Rachel Bilson one; please credit before using. And comment if you are snagging.

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You have all seen my work and here is where anyone and everyone can request certain graphics. I am only for now accepting requests of lj icons and blends. Wallpapers take forever and when it comes to banners for websites, I will only make them if I know you well and I am on your site. I do NOT make layouts and overrides. If you use my work, make sure you always credit me {neverendingwish}. Use the form below. 

What you want {LJ Icons || Blend} :
Celebrity :
Any specific pictures {good quality please} :
Any specific colouring//text etc:

Thanks ; Dana <33

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If you would like to affilaite with this journal {neverendingwish}; please reply to this post with a link to your journal and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
I am currently only accepting Graphics related journals and communities.

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